Embracing the Three C’s of Pool Maintenance In Summer

The Three C’s of pool maintenance are Circulation, Cleaning, and Chemistry. Each pool owner must appreciate the significance of these principles and how they can be utilised to optimise the performance of your swimming pool.


Circulation: The Heartbeat of Your Pool

Circulation is paramount for maintaining an inviting swimming pool, as it aids in preventing algae build-up and ensuring your water never takes on a murky complexion. Over our many years of installing automatic pool covers and servicing pools, we’ve found that maintaining your filter and pool pump operation around the clock is an ideal approach for achieving optimal water circulation. However, this might not always be practical or cost-effective.

A more feasible solution is to ensure your water filter runs for about 10 to 12 hours each day, the estimated duration needed to filter all the water in your pool. Here’s how this dynamic duo of pump and filter work harmoniously to maintain your pool’s cleanliness: The pump propels the water towards the filter, trapping all the dirt, dust and debris, hence allowing clean, sparkling water to emerge on the other side of the pool. Sand and cartridge filters are the most common types we encounter.

Cleaning: Your Weekly Date with the Pool

With a well-circulated pool, cleaning becomes less of a chore and more of a manageable, weekly task. The cleaning process includes vacuuming, skimming, and brushing. A pool cleaning kit, equipped with essentials like a telescopic pole, skimming net, and pool brush, becomes your best mate in this endeavour.

Skimming involves slowly navigating from one side of the pool to the other with the net attached to the telescopic pole, ensuring any fallen tree leaves or foliage are removed. Brushing targets the sides of the pool, especially areas with poor water circulation such as stairs. Lastly, vacuuming, which can be manual, automatic, or robotic, takes care of the dust and debris accumulated on the pool floor and walls.

Of course having an automatic pool cover that can cover your pool when not in use will drastically reduce the amount of time and effort involved in removing debris that has fallen on your pool. 

Chemistry: Simpler Than You Think

Maintaining the chemistry of your pool is simpler than it sounds. All it takes is testing for alkalinity and pH balance using a test strip bottle, available at your local pool store. Alternatively, you can have your pool sample tested by a pool maintenance professional for a more comprehensive assessment including calcium hardness, stabiliser, salt levels, and phosphates. Regular testing, particularly during the high-traffic summer season, keeps your pool in the best shape.

Cleaning Filters: Taking Care of the Unsung Hero

Your pool filter works tirelessly to maintain the appearance and performance of your pool. It deserves its weekly cleaning, preferably on the same day as your overall pool cleaning routine. A little assistance from Flocculant liquid occasionally doesn’t hurt. Flocculants cluster the tiny debris particles in your pool into larger pieces, making them easier for your filter to catch, thus enhancing the safety of your swimming experience.

Key Takeaway

And there you have it! Your straightforward guide on how to take care of your pool in a few simple steps. As you can see, it’s all about committing to a few key tasks each week, and it’s quite cost-effective too. With consistent care, your pool will remain an inviting oasis for you and your family to enjoy.

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