Do You Need A Spring Pool Cover Maintenance?

Keeping a fabric pool cover in good condition is essential for any pool or spa owner in BC. Not only does a cover help keep debris, dirt, and wildlife out, but it can also reduce water evaporation and keep the water in the pool.

Victoria Oak Bay automatic pool covers

Here’s a quick pool cover maintenance checklist for you:

Is The Cover In Good Condition?

Take a quick look at the cover to see if there are any rips, frayed edges, or tears. If you notice any issues, check with the manufacturer for repair kits or consider a replacement. Also consider if any tree limbs or other large debris has hit the cover due to storms or high winds and double check those areas.

Is The Cover Clean and Clear Of Debris?

Clear off any grass, leaves, and other debris with a leaf blower. Then, use a skimmer net, a special pool cover “rake,” broom or another long-handled device to remove larger items like tree branches or mounds of wet leaves. Rinse off the cover with a garden hose and scrub off stubborn dirt spots with a broom or brush. If the cover still is not coming clean, a mild eco friendly dishwashing liquid can be used, but avoid using harsh cleaning products that can damage the cover or affect the water quality. Let the cover dry before removing and storing it to prevent mould or mildew build-up.

Is The Pool Cover Accumulating Water?

If the cover has water on it for a long time, it can cause ripping or tearing and create water quality issues. To avoid this, clear the area of water and install a pool cover pump. These pumps automatically turn on when a sensor is triggered when the water reaches a certain level and can remove about 7728 L (1700 gal) per hour. Clean the pump when cleaning the cover each season.

Is Too Much Water Getting Into The Pool?

It’s important to make sure the pool doesn’t overfill from too much rain. Pool covers in BC can certainly overfill, especially in unpredictable BC weather. Automatic pool cover pumps can be set to turn on when this happens, removing excess water only when needed to keep the water at an ideal height.

Is The Cover Properly Secured?

For automatic pool covers, check the equipment once or twice per season to make sure the cover closes and opens properly and there are no gaps. A professional should lubricate the mechanisms.

That’s it! By following this friendly pool cover maintenance checklist, you can keep your cover in great condition. If you encounter problems or just need help with maintenance, just send us a request using the handy form below. We will get back to you quickly!


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