If you’re a swimming pool owner, you know that keeping your pool in tip-top shape requires regular maintenance and upkeep. One important aspect of maintaining your pool is ensuring that your pool cover is in good condition.

Your pool cover serves a number of important functions, such as keeping debris out of the water and reducing evaporation, which can help save you money on water and chemical costs. However, over time, the fabric of your pool cover can become worn and damaged, making it less effective at protecting your pool. The strength integrity of of the pool fabric can also be compromised from wear and solar heat, lessening its’ effectiveness in keeping your children and pets safe.

When To Replace A Pool Cover Fabric?


Typically, a new pool cover will last between 6 and 10 years, depending on how well you take care of it and the conditions it’s exposed to. The biggest thing that can cause a pool cover to wear out early is having the wrong balance of chemicals in the water.

If your pool cover starts to look worn out or damaged, it’s time to replace it. Even if it looks okay from far away, it’s important to take a closer look and check for signs of wear and tear. If you notice any cracks, holes, fraying, or other signs of deterioration, it’s time to replace the cover fabric.

To make sure your pool cover is in good condition, it’s a good idea to inspect it regularly. If you notice any problems, or if you’re not sure if your cover needs to be replaced, contact your local pool cover specialist for help. They can give you advice on whether or not it’s time to replace your cover, and help you choose a new one that will keep your pool safe and looking great.

Another reason to replace your pool cover fabric is that a new cover will look much better than an old, worn-out one. A new cover can help make your pool area look more inviting and well-maintained, which can be especially beneficial if you like to entertain or host gatherings around your pool.

Replacement Pool Cover Fabric Features

When it comes to replacing your pool cover fabric, there are a few features to be aware of.

Heat Sealed Webbing

One of the biggest problems with pool cover fabrics is that the webbing that holds the cover in place often breaks before the fabric does. This is because the webbing is sewn onto the cover, and this can be a weak point.

Look for quality fabrics like the ones from Coverstar. They came up with a solution to this problem by inventing a new way to attach the webbing to the cover. Instead of sewing the webbing onto the cover, they use a special polymer bead and heat seal bond the webbing to the cover. This makes the cover much stronger and the webbing lasts longer.


This is a huge improvement over the old way of attaching the webbing, and it means that your pool cover will last longer and work better. If you’re looking for a new pool cover fabric, you should look for one that uses this special process. It’s a patented process and it makes a big difference in the performance of your pool cover.

This process melts the webbing, polymer bead and cover into one piece. High denier material and the bonding process make this heat sealed webbing up to 15 times stronger that a standard sewn webbing!

Because the polymer bead is fused to the webbing, it does not stretch and pucker like a sewn webbing with wear points that shorten webbing life. Traditional webbing can develop pucker points that catch as they feed into the cover tracks causing system lurching, webbing tearing and stress on the roll up mechanism.

Colour Matching Heat Sealed Webbing To Match The Fabric


Colour matched webbings are an esthetically pleasing option and even longer lasting than white webbing due to the addition of UV colour coatings. Traditional white webbings have little UV protection and can degrade more quickly than the cover fabric.

Quality brands let you choose from a variety of fabric colours with matching webbing to suit your aesthetic needs and preferences.


In summary, replacing your swimming pool cover fabric is important for maintaining the safety, cleanliness, and appearance of your pool. It’s a relatively simple task that can have a big impact on the overall health and longevity of your pool. So, if you notice any signs of wear and tear on your pool cover, don’t hesitate to invest in a new one.

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