Pool Covers BC is a pool cover company dedicated to bringing the residents of Okanagan the best pool covers around. Our covers will help you extend your swimming season, conserve water, and reduce chemical consumption. By keeping your pool water warm, you can enjoy more time in your backyard, even after summer has ended. With our durable and reliable covers, you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable and safe swimming experience for years to come.

Ask us about our polycarbonate slat hard surface pool covers. This latest innovation provides a sleek and modern looking pool cover with an abundance of colour options while providing the same benefits as a fabric pool cover.

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Proven Safety For Children & Pets
Less Pool Maintenance
Save Energy, Reduce Chemicals
Better Pool Experience
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Auto pool safety covers offer you peace of mind in your backyard. These pool covers come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit almost any pool size. They are custom-built to provide a safe barrier that prevents accidents from happening by keeping your children and pets safe.

A pool cover is a great way to keep heat in the pool. It can be used to cover the water and keep it warm, or it can be used to cover the surface of the water and reduce evaporation. The more heated water means a more comfortable swim!

Your pool will also require less maintenance. This is because the water is cleaner, so fewer contaminants will get into the pool. Less dirt and leaves will fall in and you will have to clean it less; and filters and traps will need to be cleaned less often too.

One of the most critical component to keep in imind when maintaining a pool is to keep the chemical balance. When there is no solar exposure, the water will stay balanced for much longer than if it was exposed to sunlight when algae and other growth occurs. Less chemicals and filtering pump use will save you money over the long term.

 Auto pool covers can be programmed to turn on automatically at specific times to keep sun exposure to a minimum, reducing chemical costs and making your filters and pumps work less, reducing wear and tear on your equipment.


Reduction In Water Evaporation
Savings Up to 90%
Reduction In Pool Heating Costs
Savings Up to 70%
Reduction In Power Costs
Savings Up to 50%
Reduction In Chemical Costs
Savings Up to 70%

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Infinity Edge Pool Covers

One of the hottest trends in Okanagan pools, these pools create an intriguing visual effect as if the pool has no edges. Custom pool covers are required for infinity edge pools.


Our pool cover installers specialize in automatic pool safety covers and are experts in quality automatic and manual pool covers. Covering the Okanagan, Vancouver, Kelowna and BC Interior areas.

Replacement Pool Cover Fabrics

Choose an assortment of replacement pool cover fabric colours to match your decor. Our installers have fabric and polycarbonate slat options that will complement your surroundings.

Removable Pool Fences

Removable fences, like powered pool safety covers are an effective barrier for small children and pets, providing security and safety to your pool and preventing pests from getting in.

Pool covers strong enough to stand on



Pool Cover Answers

Although not intended to be walked on, our covers can hold an enormous amount of weight as long as the normal water level is maintained. Often after our installation and during our customer orientation, our techs will walk on the cover to demonstrate the strength of the cover.
We have some great pictures and videos with a moose, some bears, and a golf cart on a cover ( not all at once), with no cover damage.

Yes, we can- provided there is enough deck space to form a rectangle with no raised objects ( elevated hot tub, rock features) in the way. Typically we need a minimum of 2’ of space on the deck area at both shallow end and deep end. A pool ladder can be hinged and we would need a minimum of 14” of clearance if the mechanism is to be mounted at the deep end.

New build: $17,000- $20,000, we would encourage you to speak to your pool builder. Existing pool: $14,000-$15,000 (cover only). There are electrical concerns and in some cases a person may want to build a bench over the mechanism which would add to costs. We have some talented carpenters that we have worked with that we can recommend.

What Clients Say

Extremely responsive via email and very friendly! He responded to my quote request quickly, was able to come out and measure our yard, and have a quote for me that I felt was fair within a few days. Extremely communicative and detailed every step of the way.
S. Damon
Super responsive, great price, got me on the schedule within a week. Installation went smoothly without a hitch and the pool cover was exactly what we wanted. What lovely people!
Roberta J.
They were friendly, professional, prompt, and knew exactly what they were doing. Price was competitive and never changed from what was originally quoted, which was nice. We had to ask for a rush installation and they showed up at 6am to get it done for us with zero complaints or anything. Very happy with the end product!
Denise D.
From the moment we sent the form to schedule an appointment, to the finishing touches on our safetu pool cover, we have been blown away by how amazing this company is. The pricing was very reasonable, and the quality is truly the BEST! We have LOVED every person we've worked with at this pool cover company.
William V.

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