How Automatic Pool Covers Double as Solar Covers in Kelowna


In our picturesque Kelowna, residents are increasingly recognising the dual advantages of automatic pool covers, which not only serve to maintain the cleanliness of their pools but also act as solar pool heaters. This innovative application of pool covers is contributing to a growing trend towards more eco-friendly and cost-effective pool heating solutions compared to the traditional ones. The ability of these covers to retain heat, prevent evaporation and accumulation of debris, significantly reduces maintenance costs, and makes solar pool heating an attractive choice for the residents. These systems are conducive to extending the swimming season whilst also reducing the burden on the household energy budget.

How Solar Pool Covers Contribute to Energy Efficiency

Think of a solar pool cover, or a ‘solar blanket’ if you prefer, as a cosy duvet for your pool, keeping it toasty by soaking up the sun’s warmth. They often look like giant bubble wrap. It’s purpose is to lessen the use of your pool heater nearly as much, or maybe not at all, if your pool gets plenty of sun during the day.

Kelowna, with its plentiful sunshine and mild climate, provides an ideal setting for these covers. As per Natural Resources Canada, Kelowna enjoys an average of 2,047 bright sunshine hours each year, affording ample opportunity for the natural heating solar energy provides.

However, there are drawbacks with solar pool covers. Firstly, as they’re composed of a somewhat lightweight plastic, they cannot serve as safety pool covers. This is particularly crucial to bear in mind if you have children and pets at home, or even in your vicinity. Secondly, solar covers aren’t exactly designed to be long-lasting. Generally, you can anticipate that your solar pool cover will only last for about 1 to 3 years, after which you’ll likely need to consider purchasing a replacement.

Consider An Automatic Pool Cover For Safety & Energy Efficiency

Our automatic pool covers are strong enough for several people to stand on so accidental falls are easily handled. Plus the durable fabric or slat hard covers does double duty as solar pool covers so you get the benefit of solar heating while providing safety and protection for your family.

The versatility of our auto pool cover systems is demonstrated in their compatibility with various pool types, such as in-ground and infinity edge pools and their ability to integrate with existing pool equipment.

Alongside the environmental advantages, adopting automatic pool covers brings substantial cost benefits to Kelowna homeowners. When compared to traditional heating methods, such as gas or electric heaters, a solar pool heating system can reduce annual pool heating expenses by a significant 50-70%. Often, the system recoups its initial cost within 3-7 years.

Using solar power to help retain heat in a pool offer a plethora of benefits to the homeowners of Kelowna. By retaining more heat with the help of our auto pool covers, residents can enjoy an extended swimming season, significant cost savings, and reduced energy consumption. With automatic pool covers doubling as solar pool heaters, enjoying your pool has never been more eco-friendly or economical.

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