Beginner’s Guide To Building Your First Pool in BC

By the end of this piece, you’ll have a solid grasp on the process of constructing your very own swimming pool.

One of the highlights of my role is the joy and anticipation that comes with envisaging, planning, constructing, and eventually owning a pool. Envision the style for your pool. Then seeing your dreams materialise is a delight.

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We will demystify the pool construction process for you – providing insight into the details so you can approach this project with a full understanding and open eyes from our experience working with veteran pool builders for decades. We aim to eliminate the stress that uncertainty can bring by ensuring the building process is as enjoyable as possible.

So, are you ready for a comprehensive beginner’s guide to pool construction?

1 – Quotation

Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon a builder on Instagram or received a recommendation from a friend. Your first step is to contact the pool builder for a quotation. They will discuss your dream pool in depth touching on aspects such as its location, size, desired interior finish, and any additional landscaping you want. They will guide you through the finer points, including required access, zoning laws, and potential obstacles.

This initial stage is about more than business;your ideal pool builder will want to know every minute detail about your desired pool and what it represents to you. This emotional connection is where the real magic happens and is a key reason owners feel a positive connection to their pool.

2 – Design and Approvals

This stage begins with an onsite meeting with the landscape architect. This is your opportunity to share all your dreams and aspirations for your space! The pool builder should listen and peruse images with you, and work towards a clear understanding of your vision before designing it.

Once you’re enamoured with your design, the builder should package it into a compliant and functional plan. With your design finalised, the next step is finalizing approvals for your pool, a process that can take anywhere between 1 to 6 months depending on the method. They’ll finalise your structural engineering plans, secure insurances and building plan approval from your local hydro company, and submit the application to the council.

Once approval is done, it’s go time! 

3 – Project Kick-Off

This stage is crucial..

Complete transparency is critical. The project kick-off meeting is when the builder should lay all the cards on the table. You’ll meet with th project manager go through the contract in detail, now that your design is finalised. The contract will include any additional elements you’ve chosen to add.

They should schedule your project so you know exactly when they’ll be onsite. The pool builder should guide you through the construction process step-by-step, highlighting any important decisions you need to make. A comprehensive record of your pool construction journey should also be provided.

It will keep you informed about onsite developments, notify you of due payments, and provide assurance that they’re with you every step of the way. 

4 – Construction

Construction commences with marking out the precise location of your pool onsite. At this point, the pool builder should be well-versed with your plans and start by outlining the location and level of your pool. Excavation is followed by formwork and steel fixing, then we lay the pipes for your filtration system before spraying the concrete. After the shell is complete, your brand-newpool requires three weeks to cure to achieve maximum strength. After that they will acid wash the pool, cleaning it before adding the finishing touches: tiling, installation of your equipment, and fencing all need to be completed before we start the interiors of your pool and fill it with water. As soon as the hose is switched on, you’re tantalisingly close to taking your first dip!

5 – Handover

Handover with a qualified pool service technician is to ensure you’re completely comfortable with your new pool. The technician will clean your pool, confirm your equipment is functioning as it should, and provide all necessary information for you to confidently manage your pool.

And just like that, you’re a proud pool owner!

As a real-life pool owner, you have countless swims and good times ahead. As a new pool owner, you’re not just investing in a physical structure; you’re investing in an experience. You’re creating a space for countless gatherings, for laughter and shared memories, for cooling off during sweltering summer days, and for peaceful night-time swims. It’s a place for relaxation, entertainment, and simply enjoying life.

An automatic pool cover is the cherry on top of your swimming pool experience. It effortlessly enhances both the functionality and aesthetics of your pool. With a simple press of a button, you can protect your pool from debris, maintain the water temperature, and ensure child safety by preventing unsupervised access. Plus, it contributes to reducing evaporation, saving both water and energy costs. An automatic pool cover offers peace of mind, knowing your pool is secure when not in use, and it’s ready for you whenever you fancy a dip. It’s more than a cover; it’s an investment in convenience, safety, and sustainability. With an automatic pool cover, the joy of pool ownership is made even more seamless and enjoyable. If you are interested in all the benefits an auto pool cover adds to your new pool, send us your pool photos using the handy form below for a fast quote! 


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