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Our automatic pool cover specialists have been installing automatic pool safety covers in the Kamloops region for over 20 years. Our automated safety pool covers are motorized or hydraulically powered rugged vinyl covers on tracks that easily slide over your pool with a simple press of a button to provide safety and cost savings.

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We service the Kamloops and Kelowna regions including the following areas:

Provide Safety For Your Children and Pets

While a safety pool cover offers many benefits for pool owners, the primary one is preventing your children or pets from drowning. Automatic pool safety covers as the name implies is a safety device first. The durable reinforced vinyl acts as a horizontal fence, sealing off the pool and preventing accidental pool entry by children, pets and uninvited guests. The automated pool safety covers are made of reinforced vinyl that is strong enough for adults to walk across.

Save Money and Costs

Besides the obvious safety benefit of our our automatic pool covers, you can save heat, chemicals and cleaning, extending equipment life. Our safety pool covers quickly pays for itself. You can save up to 70% on operating costs in Kamloops. Contact us today for a quote and pool cover consultation.

Expert Advice & Professional Service

From consultation to installation we cater to your needs and provide quality, knowledgeable service and installation in a friendly and timely manner in Kamloops.

Quality and Durability: All Season Protection

affordable kamloops-automatic-pool-covers

There is a reason our safety pool covers are known for their durability and reliability. One of our automatic pool covers is all it takes for year-round pool protection. This multi-tasking cover acts as a safety cover, a solar cover, and a winter cover, all combined into one.

Solid Warranty

Our automatic pool safety covers come with the most time proven warranties in the industry. Our product has over fifty years of experience to support our warranties. Our warranties cover the automated swimming pool safety cover itself and warranties for the fabric and pump.

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Our brand of pool covers is the best way to safeguard friends and family and protect your swimming pool, ensuring your investment will remain the source of fun and enjoyment it was intended to be.

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Pool covers strong enough to stand on



Reduction In Water Evaporation
Savings Up to 90%
Reduction In Pool Heating Costs
Savings Up to 70%
Reduction In Power Costs
Savings Up to 50%
Reduction In Chemical Costs
Savings Up to 70%

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Infinity Edge Pool Covers

One of the hottest trends in pools, these pools create an intriguing visual effect as if the pool has no edges. Custom pool covers are required for infinity edge pools.


Our pool cover installers specialize in automatic pool safety covers and are experts in quality automatic and manual pool covers. Covering Vancouver, Kelowna and Okanangan areas.

Replacement Pool Cover Fabrics

Choose an assortment of replacement pool cover fabric colours to match your decor. Our installers offer colours that will complement your surroundings.

Removable Pool Fences

Removable fences, like powered pool safety covers are an effective barrier for small children and pets, providing security and safety to your pool and preventing pests from getting in.

Pool Cover Answers

According to the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), most pool covers should be able to support a weight of 485 pounds. Our brand of covers can hold up to 2000 pounds, exceeding the standard. While specific weight guidelines can vary depending on the type and design of the pool cover, it is generally advised to avoid placing heavy loads or using the cover as a walking path. The occasional walk can easily be handled.

Absolutely, we can accommodate walking on the pool cover, given that there is sufficient deck space without obstructions. Typically, a minimum deck space at both ends of the pool is required in right angles to allow tracks to run. These guidelines ensure safe and unrestricted access when walking on the pool cover.

The cost of a safety pool cover in Canada will depend on the size of your swimming pool and the type of material that you want to use. The price range for an auto safety pool cover in Canada can vary based on your overall pool design and the customizations you choose.

There are 3 main features that affects the price of new safety pool covers.

– Materials
– Track Options
– Pool Size and Shape

Additionally costs for a completely new build vs installing on an existing pool will differ. An automatic safety cover can start as low as $10,000 for a small, cocktail pool or an existing pool with the average for an existing pool being $14,000 to $15,000.
For a larger pool with more complex custom features, a safety pool cover build on a new pool build can cost upwards of $20,000 with a typical new build being $17,000 to $20,000.

Note: This range is a basic estimate, exact pricing will vary.

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