Benefits Of Automatic Pool Covers – The Case for Auto Pool Covers

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Many Benefits, Only a couple of Drawbacks

First, the elephant in the room is always price, as a rough estimate an automatic pool cover might add anywhere from $7,000 to $20,000 to a residential pool. Invariably, the price for an automatic covers’ cost is based on the pool size and associated complexity with the installation so the only way to know is to get a quote from your local pool cover specialist.

Second, auto pool covers adapt best to rectangular pools as the covers run on a straight track although there are workarounds for liver or oddly shaped pools. While the cost and certain aesthetic considerations of a motorized pool cover are important the upsides are huge. For many pool owners, based on all our positive testimonials these caveats are easily outweighed by the benefits explained below.

Mature, Reliable and Stable Technology

You have probably seen these auto pool covers on in ground pools before and admired how quickly and efficiently they cover and open. Perhaps you are on the fence about getting one for yourself and want to know if they’re worth getting.

The beauty of retractable pool covers is that the technology has matured after years of refinement so the motors, vault-concealment and track systems are all very reliable and there are very few surprises for the installers. However, recent innovations in cover colouring means more options than ever to match your particular pool lounge area than before.

Now For Swim Spas Too

New users are now getting cover fittings for swim spas too. Auto pool cover systems can fit swim spas without sacrificing the years of proven technology from hydraulic systems. If you have either an indoor or outdoor swim spa, having an auto pool cover for it is not far fetched.

Proven Reliable Safety For Children

Considering the main benefit of auto pool covers is that they protect your loved ones from accidental drowning, it’s a no brainer to get one for that purpose.
Regarding safety, specifically preventing child-drowning incidents, automatic covers have a stellar reputation for the simple reason that when properly installed, undamaged and in the closed position, it is impossible for anyone to fall into the water.

Most authorities on child safety including the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission strongly recommend multiple layers of protection. there is near universal agreement that approved automatic safety pool covers are one of the layers consumers should consider when buying a pool or spa where there are children around.

Automatic covers are a fantastic layer of protection because when they’re closed and secured, there is no way a child will drown in the pool, barring some highly unusual situation.

As parents are concerned about safety, they go to great lengths to make sure their children can play in a safe environment. This is why many parents won’t own a pool without a safety cover.

Less Pool Maintenance, Energy Savings, Reduced Chemical Use

Automatic retractable pool covers provide huge environmental benefits and provide a rapid return on investment in most cases. Pool builders often recommend that every pool be equipped with a cover. Automatic covers prevent plant material and other debris from falling into the water, a benefit that saves time and effort servicing pools and saves energy by reducing the amount of time required for filtration and chemical treatment.

Maintain Your Colour and Design Scheme

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As response to cover selection requests, manufacturers have made more colours available than ever. Now there are more options for materials that will blend in to your designer aesthetics when your cover is closed.

Saving Energy By Reducing Evaporation

Saving energy and money makes the case for automatic covers even greater. Auto pool covers allow you to save on your utility bills, while also cutting down on your carbon footprint.

Protecting lives has long been a concern for many pool owners with children and that hasn’t changed. However, users are now equally concerned over energy savings, which are dramatic. With concerns about the environment and increasing energy costs, what used to be trivial is now a top priority.

Pool covers are integral to saving water and energy by drastically reducing evaporation, which means it takes less money and energy to maintain the temperature of your pool. Pool covers also extend your swimming season, allowing more leisurely fun at home.

The energy savings are particularly important for people who enjoy using their pools on a regular basis. If you are an avid swimmer and want to keep your pool open year round, you wouldn’t be able to do that without a cover.

Saving Precious Water

Reducing evaporation can also have the effect of using less water. Water is rapidly becoming scarce in many arid regions and it is crucial to find ways to conserve it. With water shortages happening more regularly auto pool covers are a great way to help conserve what we have.

Saving Energy By Reducing Electricity

There are a few ways that auto pool covers can conserve energy, one of them being how drastically they reduce the amount of time the circulation system runs. Typically in the Okanagan during the summer an uncovered pool might run eight hours per day, with a pool cover that drops to about 2 hours a day.

That’s a 75 percent saving in terms of energy used for water filtration and treatment. When extended to over six months, a year or two years those dollars are going to add up in a hurry.

Reduced Wear and Tear On Equipment

With reduced operating hours, pool equipment lasts longer – water pumps and motors are replaced less often. Water filters don’t need to be cleaned or washed as often, saving more water as well. All these positives compound, leading to further benefits. You get reduced chemical use, reduced downtime, as well as save water and energy.

Less Maintenance Too

Since dirt and debris don’t find their way into the water when the cover is closed, there can be also be dramatically reduced costs in service routines. Reduced maintenance cost and downtime is a big advantage to an automatic pool cover.

Use Less Chemicals

Chlorine use is reduced because there is less contamination entering the pool. With the cover on, the sunlight is not coming in to destroy your chlorine effectiveness. Less chemicals and better for the environment.

Especially Good For Indoor Pools

Such savings increase dramatically whe1n covers are used with indoor pools. By reducing evaporation the benefits are not just saving on heating costs, but by not requiring the dehumidification system when the pool is covered. Indoor pool covers can reduce energy consumption anywhere from 65 to 70 percent according to pool installers.

How Auto Pool Covers Pay For Themselves

While cost savings has been mentioned above, how quickly can an automatic pool cover pay for itself, you may wonder.
Taking into account the energy savings, there are a number of variables that come into play but overall, you can expect that most automatic pool covers can pay for themselves easily within five to six years.

A Better Pool Experience For You

From safety, to saving energy and water, to more enjoyable summers with longer swimming seasons – automatic pool cover systems are becoming more and more popular. Beyond all that, the best thing about them is that they enhance your pool ownership experience! The convenience and attractiveness of auto covers just make in ground pool ownership that much more pleasurable.

Convenience Of Impulse Use

To be able to jump into your pool at any time with perfect water temperature and no pre cleaning is priceless. Aside from people who use swimming as regular exercise, for most people, swimming is an impulse activity. With an automatic cover, at a moment’s notice you can go out to the pool, have the cover retract automatically over a pool that is warm and clean. You don’t have to skim the pool before jumping into clean, inviting, comfortable temperature water, making your swim a delight.

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