How Automatic Pool Covers Work

Automatic pool covers are a popular choice among many pool owners. First, a good auto safety cover can protect your children and pets from falling in the pool and second it prevents debris from entering your pool, thereby reducing the frequency of cleaning. Finally, by preventing evaporation, it saves around 70% of water heating energy costs and saves water. Manual pool covers are also an option, but automatic covers may be preferable if you don’t want to deal with the manual hand-cranking process. Here is a brief overview of how automatic pool covers work.


An automatic pool cover features a leading edge tube that connects to the leading edge of the cover. This side aligns with one side of the pool, and both sides have parallel tracks. When opening or closing the cover, the cover on tracks will slide in the appropriate direction.

Different pool cover designs are available to suit various pool shapes and sizes, although most are designed for in-ground pools. If you have an above-ground pool, a manual cover is recommended.

Components Of An Auto Pool Cover

There are several main components in an auto pool cover.


    • pool cover frame and tracks

    • coping to attach to pool edge

    • an in ground or above ground box to store the cover

    • riser mechanism to lift the box in in ground cover when cover is in use

    • mounting brackets

    • the drive motor

    • brackets

    • lid for the cover box if inground, or an above ground bench for above ground mechanisms

Pool Cover Mounting

Mounting options include inside the edge of the pool or on the pool deck. Mounting the cover inside the edge of the pool can be a discreet option, as the cover sits just over the water when closed. On the other hand, mounting the cover on the pool deck is ideal if you don’t want it too close to the water and want it to extend beyond the pool’s edges. An in-deck track system can also be used to conceal the retractable cover.

Electric or Hydraulic Motors

Automatic pool covers are powered by either electricity or a hydraulic system. Electric motor covers use a remote control to open or close the cover, while hydraulic covers rely on liquid fluid power to move the cover. Hydraulic systems are recommended if you have extraordinarily large pools that require a lot of force to operate the covers or frequently experience power outages and prefer not to rely on electricity.

New Slat Hard Surface Covers


You might have seen some stylish and unique hard surface pool covers that differ from the typical fabric covers. If they resemble the images shown below, then they are likely slatted pool covers made of polycarbonate. We have noticed an increase in customers inquiring about these sleek and modern looking covers, particularly in Vancouver and Kelowna.

If you are interested in the cost of an electric pool cover in BC, contact us using the handy form below. You can even send us photos of your pool to help us better evaluate your needs and suggest pool cover options!

If you are interested in an automatic pool cover whether fabric or slats, contact us using the handy form below. You can even send us photos of your pool to help us better evaluate your needs and suggest pool cover options!


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