A Winning Deck Mounted Penticton Pool Cover Installation


Another winning deck mounted pool cover installation in Penticton. A functional and aesthetic addition to a customer’s backyard oasis. We started the installation with selecting the appropriate cover for their non rectangular kidney shaped pool.

The installation process involves mounting the cover onto the deck of the pool area using secure and sturdy brackets. The cover was custom-fit to the pool’s dimensions to ensure a tight and secure fit. We made sure that the cover was level and taut, preventing any sagging or pooling of water.

Careful planning ensure this Penticton cover is visually appealing and complement the style of the owner’s backyard. Know that covers can be customized to match the colour and design of your deck, creating a seamless and attractive look to complement your landscaping. We have 10 different colours to choose from. If you choose the slat flat surface covers, the colour options are even more numerous.

Overall, this was a smooth deck mounted pool cover installation in Penticton that will provide safety, convenience, and energy savings while enhancing the overall aesthetic of the happy client’s backyard oasis.

Automatic pool covers are a worthwhile investment for any pool owner looking to maximize the enjoyment and longevity of their pool. If you are interested in an auto pool cover, contact us using the handy form below. You can even send us photos of your pool to help us better evaluate your needs and suggest pool cover options!


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