Essential Pool Equipment for An Awesome Summer Swim

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Summer-Ready Pool Equipment

As summer approaches, the rising temperatures make your swimming pool a hotspot for relaxation and fun. However, it’s crucial to keep your pool in top shape during these high-use months. The last thing you want is to stress about pool maintenance when you could be soaking up the sun. Here’s a rundown of some essential pool equipment to ensure a worry-free swim season.

Pool Cover

Did you know that evaporation is the primary cause of water loss in your swimming pool? Particularly in summer, the warmer the weather, the faster your pool loses water. This doesn’t just lead to increased water costs, but it also affects your pool’s water balance, necessitating more chemical treatment. Additionally, leaves, rain, and other debris can contaminate your pool water, adding to the maintenance woes.

A pool cover is a solution to these issues. It traps moisture, prevents evaporation, and blocks excess heat from the water. This reduces the time, energy, and costs associated with pool maintenance. For those worried about the daily hassle of handling the pool cover, consider investing in an automatic pool cover. Find a wide assortment of vinyl pool cover fabric colour choices.

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Keeping your pool clean can seem like a daunting task, especially when you’d rather be swimming. Regularly scrubbing your pool walls and floor is vital for maintaining water health and avoiding extra maintenance costs. That’s where a robotic pool cleaner comes in handy.

These smart devices can clean and vacuum your pool walls and floor in a fraction of the time it would take a manual cleaner. They run on an independent, low-energy motor, reducing your power consumption. Models like Aquawize robotic pool cleaners offer excellent cleaning efficiency, are easy to set up, and come with a two-year warranty.

Scoop and Brush

If you don’t have a pool cover or a robotic cleaner, a scoop and brush are essential tools for keeping your pool clean and healthy. Leaves and sticks not only carry bacteria but can also lead to algae growth if left unchecked.

A pool scoop can easily skim this debris off the surface of the water, maintaining your pool’s water balance. Regularly scrubbing your pool walls and floor with a quality brush can prevent scum build-up and algae growth, further enhancing your pool health.

Water Sample Bottle

As the number of swimmers increases during summer, it becomes crucial to test your water frequently. A water sample bottle is a handy tool to stay on top of your water testing, ensuring optimal pool maintenance.

Remember to collect water about 30 cm from the top of the pool and get it tested within two hours. Regular water testing can help identify issues with your equipment early, saving you from costly repairs in the long run.

Pool Shock

Chloramines, formed when chlorine mixes with nitrogen from oil, sweat, and urine, can affect the sanitising power of your chemicals and cause eye and respiratory irritation. A pool shock treatment can oxidise these chloramines, cleaning the water and eliminating any bacteria. This ensures maximum sanitiser efficiency, keeping your water clear and safe.


Finally, pool lighting adds a touch of glamour to your summer evenings. It extends your swimming time into the night, enhancing the overall poolside experience. Whether you have an infinity edge pool or in ground pool there are lighting solutions available that can bring a wow factor to your backyard.

Key Takeaway

Preparing your pool for the summer doesn’t have to be a hassle. With the right equipment, you can ensure a healthy, clean, and fun-filled swimming experience for everyone. So, get your pool summer-ready and dive into a season of refreshing fun!

Here’s to a fantastic summer filled with endless swimming and unforgettable poolside memories!

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