Can Automatic Safety Pool Covers Be Used As Winter Covers In Canada?

When the temperature drops, it’s important to ensure that your swimming pool is properly secured, covered, and protected. This way, when summer arrives, you can clean your pool easily and jump right in.


Winter pool covers, mesh pool covers, and safety covers, are utilized to safeguard your pool from debris and provide an extra layer of safety to your backyard space. By using the appropriate pool cover, you can greatly extend the life of your pool.

The older mesh style winter covers act as a strainer, filtering out leaves and debris while still allowing rain and snow to pass through and into the pool. Some meshes have a UV reducing weave to slow algae buildup but provides no protection against branches and allows extra rainwater or snow to fall into the pool.

Benefits Of Using An Automatic Pool Cover As A Winter Pool Cover In Canada

The short answer is yes! An auto safety cover can definitely be used as a winter pool cover in Canada, especially rainy regions with light snow like BC. The main concern with covers is the weight of the snow. Wet snow can be surprisingly heavy and can add hundreds of pounds to the cover potentially stretching and tearing the fabric. The weight could also pop out the cover’s pool coping. 

So a light layer of snow is fine but if you are seeing inches of wet snow on the ground it may be time to grab a soft broom or pool cover snow removal tool for older, heavier snow; it’s made specifically for that purpose. DO NOT use shovels, rakes, and anything metal or with sharp edges or points.

You can also try a leaf blower for layers of soft snow. We always recommend putting a pool cover pump for melted snow to remove the water and keep it from freezing when temperatures drop again. 

Safety covers offer comprehensive protection for your pool against virtually all types of debris. Excess water or snow does not fall into your pool and prevents harmful algae growth.

If you’re experiencing heavy debris, such as falling tree branches, a safety cover can provide reliable and secure protection for your pool. While they may be more expensive than mesh winter covers, automatic pool safety covers are more durable and visually appealing.

As a result, your pool water will be cleaner and healthier when it’s time to reopen your pool in the spring, allowing you to swim sooner. Auto safety covers also provide complete protection against damaging UV light, requiring fewer chemicals and less maintenance, saving you money. Looking for ways to clean an automatic pool cover AFTER winter? Read this article.

One of the primary benefits of a pool safety cover is that it serves as a barrier to prevent children, pets, and other bystanders from falling into the pool, particularly when the pool is covered with snow. Children or pets may unknowingly run towards the pool, making the safety feature an essential consideration.

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