What Are The Safety Benefits Of Automatic Pool Covers For Your Children and Pets?

Swimming pools can provide endless hours of fun for your family and pets. However, without proper safety measures, pools can also be a source of danger. Accidents such as drowning, injuries from slips and falls, and entrapment are serious risks. This is where automatic pool covers come in to improve safety for children and pets.


Protect Children from Drowning Accidents

According to the Royal Life Saving Society UK, drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional injury death in children in the UK. Automatic pool covers can prevent such accidents from happening by acting as a barrier to keep children out of the pool when it is not in use. These covers are motorized and can be operated with just a push of a button, making it easy for parents to close the pool after use. Automatic pool covers can often eliminate the need for physical barriers like fences and gates, which can be easily breached or left open.

Prevent Slips and Falls

Children and pets are always running around the pool, and when they get wet, the chances of slipping and falling increase. With automatic pool covers, the pool is covered when not in use, making it impossible for anyone to accidentally fall in. In addition, automatic pool covers are made of durable and non-slip materials, which provide a safe surface for children and pets to walk on till they reach the pool deck surface.

Keep Pets Safe and Secure

automatic pool safety for pets dog, prevent drowning

Pets love to play and swim in pools, but sometimes their enthusiasm can lead to accidents. They can accidentally fall into the pool and be unable to climb out especially when they get tired, leading to drowning or injury. Automatic pool covers prevent such incidents from happening by keeping the pool covered and secure when not in use. Additionally, the covers are strong enough to support the weight of several adults so no matter the size of your pet, providing a safe and comfortable surface for them to walk on is not a problem.

Prevent Entrapment

Swimming pool drains can be a source of danger to children and pets. Drain entrapment can occur when the suction of the drain is so strong that it traps a person or animal underwater. This can lead to serious injury or even drowning. Automatic pool covers have built-in safety features that prevent entrapment. They are designed to withstand the force of a person or animal being trapped, ensuring that everyone stays safe on top of the cover.

Save Money on Maintenance and Energy Costs

In addition to improving safety, automatic pool covers can also save money on maintenance and energy costs. They help keep debris out of the pool, reducing the need for cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, by keeping the pool covered when not in use, automatic pool covers can reduce heat loss and evaporation, thereby saving energy and money on heating costs. Most customers see return on their investment in the pool cover after several years due to cost savings.

In conclusion, automatic pool covers are an excellent investment for families with children and pets. They improve safety by acting as a barrier to prevent drowning accidents, slips and falls, and drain entrapment. Additionally, they provide a secure environment for pets to play in and can save money on maintenance and energy costs. With an automatic pool cover, families can have peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are safe and secure around the pool.

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