Is It Safe To Walk On An Electric Pool Cover?

Electric Pool Cover Introduction

Electric pool covers offer a convenient and efficient solution for pool owners seeking to protect their pools from debris, reduce water evaporation, and maintain optimal water temperature. However, a common concern among pool owners is whether it’s safe to walk on an electric pool cover. Here we’ll explore the various factors influencing how much weight electric pool covers hold, providing you with some useful information to make up your own mind.


Electric Pool Covers: A Closer Look

Electric pool covers are motorised systems that enable pool owners to open and close their pool cover with ease. They run on tracks on the pool deck or embedded tracks on the edges of the pool itself. They are designed to provide convenience, save time and energy, and assist in maintaining a clean pool environment. Electric pool covers are typically constructed from durable materials such as reinforced vinyl or solid plastic slats, which can contribute to their weight-bearing properties.

The Distinction: Electric Pool Safety Covers

It’s best to be clear what we’re talking about first. While some electric pool covers do offer some level of safety by preventing debris and other foreign objects from entering the pool, they should not be mistaken for automatic safety pool covers. Pool safety covers are specifically designed to bear weight and must meet the American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM F1346-91 standard, which requires a minimum weight capacity of 485 lbs to protect people and pets from accidental falls into the pool.

Walking On Electric Pool Covers: Strong Enough

As long as your electric pool cover meets the ASTM weight limit of 485 lbs or higher you can easily walk on the cover. The weight limit is designed to handle the weight of a small family. Even better, high quality name brand manufacturers like Latham can handle up to 2000 lbs or almost double the ASTM limit.

It’s A Safety Device Not A Playground

While the occasional walk is easily within the usage capabilities of an electric safety cover, they are not designed as shortcut walkway or a playground for children. Excess wear may cause the cover material to stretch, tear or become otherwise damaged, compromising its effectiveness and reducing its lifespan as a safety device. Additionally, regular jumping on the cover may damage to the motor and track system potentially leading to expensive repairs or replacement.

A Focus on Safety: Making the Right Decision

If safety is your primary concern, it is advisable to consider investing in an electric safety cover. Safety pool covers are specifically designed to meet the ASTM F1346-91 standard and can support a significant amount of weight. It is crucial to remember that no pool cover, whether electric or safety, should be used as a walking surface or play area.

Final Takeaways

For pool owners seeking enhanced safety features, a motorized electric safety cover is an appropriate option. By understanding the usage and weight limits of electric pool covers you can ensure the safety and well-being of your family and your pool.

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