Record Number Of Pools Being Installed Across Canada During Covid

According to this CBC article the pandemic is encouraging homeowners to invest more in their home recreation due to restrictions to travel and other considerations. The demand for backyard pool construction has increased as Canadians choose to create their own personal oasis at home to escape the effects of COVID-19, heat, and boredom.


This has been a boon for Canadian pool builders and pool cover installers. British Columbia homeowners are among a growing number of Canadians who are becoming new owners of private pools. With fatigue from mask-wearing, anxiety about being in crowded spaces, and the frustration of booking travel plans only to have to cancel, many Canadians are choosing to invest in their backyards instead, often using the money they’ve saved from cancelled travel plans. Others who are taking the plunge into pool ownership are motivated by the increasing value of their homes.

Therefore number of pool building permits has dramatically increased in the last few years. “The tally for 2021 eclipsed the 2020 figure in the first eight months of the year. By August 2021, Statistics Canada says 19,306 pool permits had been recorded.”

According to one poolbuilder. “Our customers tell us that they’re not going away to take a lot of vacations in the future, so everybody’s looking to do a renovation in their backyard … to turn the backyard into their ‘staycation’ or so they can stay home and enjoy family,” he said.

There were some delays in obtaining permits and beginning construction during the initial COVID restrictions. However, this did not discourage customers, but instead contributed to a high demand for backyard pools, resulting in a backlog of orders and supplies. Some pool builders and pool cover companies who did not plan properly and order ahead were caught offguard.

Many individuals are describing the current demand for backyard pools and other outdoor amenities as unprecedented. People are choosing to invest in their homes because they recognize that the pandemic may persist or potentially return in the future.