New Pool Cover Touchpad In Kelowna

In Kelowna, an automatic pool cover is an excellent investment for pool safety. It provides a reliable and efficient way to cover the pool when not in use, reducing the risk of accidents or drowning incidents. With the sometimes unpredictable weather conditions in Kelowna, an automatic pool cover also helps to keep debris out of the pool, making maintenance easier and less time-consuming.


This new pool cover keypad control panel from a recent install for a Kelowna family adds to the convenience of an automatic pool cover, as it allows for easy and quick operation from a safe distance for the parents. It also provides the ability to control the pool cover remotely, which is especially useful in situations where the pool is not easily accessible. Additionally, the touch panel control panel can be placed high on a wall, out of reach of the children, adding an extra layer of safety to pool management. Overall, an automatic pool cover with a touch panel control panel is a smart investment for safety and convenience.

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