Pool Cover Pump Buying Guide

If you own a pool, you know that debris and dirt can collect on it during the off season. While having an automatic pool cover can help prevent dirt buildup, you don’t want debris to fall into the water when you open it for the season. A pool cover pump is a necessary tool to keep your pool in good condition and protect the cover during harsh Canadian winters.

Two Options: Automatic or Manual Cover Pump

Pool cover pumps come in two types: automatic and manual. Both remove water and snow buildup to prevent damage to the pool and cover. Too much water or snow on top of an auto cover can create sagging. Manual pumps require you to plug them in and wait for them to drain before unplugging. Automatic pumps can detect buildup and drain on their own. Manual pumps are cheaper, but if you have an automatic pool cover, you may want to invest in an automatic cover pump.


Water Flow Rate

When buying a pool cover pump, consider the flow rate, which measures the amount of water the pump can move in gallons per hour. If you have a large pool, choose a pump with a higher flow rate to get rid of water on top of the cover quicker.

Choose A Dependable Brand

To ensure durability, choose a reputable brand like Little Giant, Wayne, or Superior, and pay attention to the pump’s quality and build. The most durable pumps may be more expensive but will last for years of winterization.

Additional features to consider include cord length, activation level, debris filter, freeze protection to protect from icing damage when temperatures go below freezing, and submersible design. The best pumps should be able to be fully submerged and collect debris, while automatic pumps turn on when water buildup reaches a specific depth, turning on and off as needed, protecting the fabric cover. Activation level depths vary by pump.

 Investing in both a pool cover water pump and a new pool cover can help to protect your pool and save you money in the long run by preventing damage and extending the lifespan of your pool and equipment.

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