New Polycarbonate Hard Pool Cover On Hidden Tracks In Kelowna

A New Hard Pool Cover Installed on Hidden Tracks in Kelowna – Safe, Energy Efficient & Gorgeous


We carry OCEA polycarbonate slatted hard pool covers. This install is on hidden tracks in Kelowna. This innovative solution offers a range of benefits that will make your pool experience even better.

One of the key features of the polycarbonate slat hard pool cover is its durability. Made from a strong, lightweight material, the plastic cover is able to withstand harsh weather conditions and resist damage from sunlight, wind, and rain. This makes it a great choice for those who want a pool cover that will last for years to come.

The plastic allow a wider range of colours than fabric and the bottom is coated to act as a solar cover as well, keeping heat in.

The cover is extremely energy efficient, trapping heat in the water, reducing the amount of energy needed to keep the pool warm. This can result in significant energy savings, especially if you use your pool frequently.

The polycarbonate hard pool cover is also incredibly easy to use. Installed on hidden tracks, the cover can be opened and closed with just a button click. This makes it quick and convenient to access your pool, without having to remove or store a cumbersome cover.

The polycarbonate hard pool cover also adds a touch of style to your backyard. The cover is available in a wide range of colours, suitable to whatever colour scheme your designer has chosen.

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