Automatic Safety Pool Covers Saves Animals Too

The Importance of Pool Covers and Other Safety Measures for Animals

Swimming pools are known for being fun for you and your family but for animals, they can be dangerous. Accidental drowning is preventable by following safety measures, such as proper perimeter pool fences, internal barriers, and pool covers.


Pool Covers as Safety Barrier for Children and Animals

Pool covers are a great barrier between the water, children, and animals. Safety covers can protect not only pets but also wild animals from the dangers of drowning. They also ensure pool safety when the owners are not home. Wild animals like bears, young deer, squirrels, and rabbits are at risk of falling into the pool and drowning.

Designing Ledges and Building a Small Pond

To prevent animals from falling into the pool, ledges can be designed along the sides under the water’s surface to give shallow areas for animals to escape from. Building a small pond for waterfowl like ducks and geese can also help to keep them away from the pool.

Swimming with Your Pets

Pools can be great for dogs that enjoy going for a swim, but dogs need to be supervised at all times. Some breeds of dogs are not strong swimmers, and even those who are may not know how to exit the pool. Puppies are more likely to fall into the pool, and older dogs may tire quickly, while cats are good swimmers they can panic and exhaust themselves without steps or ramps.

Safety Pool Products For Pets & Animals

Automatic safety pool covers are the ultimate in animal safety, holding hundreds of pounds and keeping children and animals safe. Floating mesh pool covers are not safe for any pets. Many dogs, even those who are good swimmers, have lost their lives to a solid, water bag type pool cover. These type of winter covers are disorienting to dogs and difficult for them to get loose, as the plastic material wraps around their legs and the weight of the water on the other side pushes the cover tighter. An escape ramp designed for dogs or cats to exit the pool is an option to consider if you have pets that enjoy swimming in the pool. While pool ladders are handy for humans dogs and cats can’t climb them.

In situations where the pool cover is left open often it is also useful to have a proper pool fence to cut off the option of getting to the water. Locking gate fences are best for both domesticated and wild animals to prevent accidental drowning.

Make sure to keep your pool safe for pets and wild animals, even if you’re not at home.

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