Automatic Pool Covers For Your Irregular Shaped Pool In BC

Yes, automatic pool covers can be made for irregular shaped pools. Whether you’re in Vancouver, Okanagan, Vancouver Island or BC Interior there are custom pool cover installers that specialize in creating covers for pools of all shapes and sizes, including irregular shapes. Our automatic covers can fit irregular shaped pools by using tracks either embedded on the sides of the pool or on the pool deck on tracks that are mounted on the edge of the pool.


The track types you choose will greatly affect the cost and flexibility of your cover for uncommonly shaped pool. Whether you go with an undertrack system, top track system and recessed track system is determined by your aesthetic and pool cover budget choices. Contact us below for more details on the different track systems.

When it comes to choosing an automatic pool cover outside of the typical rectangular shape, it’s specially important to work with a skilled cover installer that has experience in creating custom covers. This way, you can be sure that your cover will be designed specifically to fit your pool, providing maximum protection and maximum performance. Getting a pool cover specialist involved early in the process will save you unnecessary time and money for rework or extra complicated builds.

If you’re interested in installing an automatic pool cover for your irregular shaped pool, contact a local pool cover installer at Pool Covers BC today. We can help you choose the perfect cover for your pool and provide expert installation services to ensure that your irregular shaped pool cover is installed perfectly and stays protected all season long.