What Are Under Track Pool Cover Systems?

An undertrack pool cover system is a type of pool cover that is designed to be installed under the pool deck or coping. The cover rolls up and stores on a reel that is housed in a small pit or box below the deck. When the cover is in use, it is pulled out from the storage area and stretches across the pool to cover the water.


Undertrack pool cover systems offer several benefits over other types of pool covers. Because the cover is stored below the deck, it is not visible when not in use, which can enhance the appearance of the pool area. Additionally, because the cover is stretched tightly across the pool, it can provide better insulation and help to retain heat in the water. Finally, undertrack pool covers can be operated using a motorized system either hydraulic or electric, which makes them easy to use and convenient for pool owners.

This type of track is perfect for rectangular pools and can even be used for freeform pools with a “pool-in-pool” design. However, it can be a bit more expensive to install in freeform pools and costs more than top track systems.

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