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Quality Features For Existing Pool Owners 

To ensure the reliability of a pool cover system, the mechanism and accessories must be of high quality. Technological advancements play a key role in improving user experience, simplifying engineering, and increasing durability of automatic pool cover systems. We have identified the following features that offer the best quality and value.

Keypad Controls

Automatic pool cover systems come equipped with a touchpad, which enhances safety and convenience. There is no need to worry about lost keys or unauthorized access, as a code is required for operation. Unlike key-operated models that are constantly exposed to weather conditions, resulting in corrosion of switch components, our touchpad components are sealed internally, providing maximum protection and improved longevity. Customers with our touchpad system need not worry about rusty keys that can easily break in the lock.

Pool Cover Motor

The motor in pool cover systems usually connects the internal wiring directly with an external power source, exposing it to water damage. However, our motor connections keep the external power completely separated from internal components, offering better water protection.

Drive System

Our drive system offers improved dependability compared to drive systems that require regular service and repair by a homeowner, such as those with sheer pins or a slip clutch. This is because our drive directly connects the motor and mechanism, enhancing reliability. Additionally, our drive system is electronically protected using patented technology, further increasing its dependability.

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Track Alignment

Certain pool cover systems create operational stress to ensure that the cover runs straight. Homeowners must frequently tighten a mechanical brake precisely to prevent issues. However, our system is designed to open and close in a straight line without relying on operational stress. This eliminates the need for homeowners to regularly adjust a mechanical brake.


Mechanical Track Stops

Our track design differs from others that use wheels to hold up the front of the cover without a mechanical device to stop operation. Our design incorporates an on-track glider system for smoother operation, and mechanical stops to protect the cover from damage caused by opening or closing too far.

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Bench Enclosure

A pool cover bench is employed to conceal the pool cover mechanism, prevent children and pets from accessing operational components, and preserve the functionality of the area around the bench. Our benches are constructed using heavy-duty materials, ensuring a sturdy structure and surface that is durable over time.

Stainless Steel Hardware
Some systems still use plastic guides (or similar material) that wear out quickly requiring replacement. Our hardware components use stainless steel to ensure durability and longevity. Our design keeps our covers from retracting too far.


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