Winter Pool Covers In Canada, Fabric Colour and Aesthetics

Winter pool covers, for many years, were akin to sensible footwear — they provided a practical, protective barrier against various risks, but were seldom considered a visually appealing component of a pool’s design.


However, this perspective is shifting. Homeowners are increasingly desiring to maintain the aesthetic appeal of their backyards, even during the colder months when pools are not in use. As a result, suppliers are promoting not only the safety features of winter pool covers, but also their potential to enhance a garden’s appearance.

It seems unusual that it has taken this long for winter pool covers to become a fashion item. Particularly in regions where the off-season can last for six months or more, homeowners are forced to look at a pool cover that may be at odds with the rest of their garden’s design.

Owners are now seeking pool covers that seamlessly blend with their surroundings and complement the natural aesthetics of their pools. This has led to a demand for a wider variety of colours. From our experience, the more colour options the less limited the customer feels. A few years ago, we saw black becoming a popular choice, departing from the traditional green or blue. This has since expanded to a palette of more natural hues such as tan and grey.


We find tan colour best for safety pool covers, as it coordinates well with many stone water features that are popular in modern pool design.

The natural landscape around a pool plays a significant role in the choice of cover colour. For instance, in the Kelowna area, natural brown, tan and grey covers coordinate well with the environment. Conversely, in greener areas, green has become the norm.

This rise in attention to colour coordination and design aesthetics in choosing pool covers could suggest an increased influence from landscape architects and designers. As homeowners seek to transform their backyards into stylish, year-round outdoor spaces, the aesthetic appeal of winter pool covers is becoming a priority.

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