What Are Top Track Pool Cover Systems?

A top track pool cover system is a type of pool cover that uses a track mounted at the top of the pool to guide the cover as it opens and closes. The cover is typically made of durable materials such as multi layered vinyl fabric, and is designed to protect the pool from debris, reduce evaporation, and improve safety.


The top track system allows the pool cover to be easily opened and closed, either manually or automatically, by sliding along the track. The cover is typically operated using a motorized mechanism that can be controlled by a remote or a switch.

Top track pool covers are known for their durability, as the track provides added stability and support for the cover. They are also easy to install and operate, making them a popular choice for pool owners who want a convenient and reliable pool cover system.

The top track system is a good option for freeform pools. It can be installed under an aluminum lid or mounted to the deck surface. The cover then rides over the tracks on wheels and overall is a reliable and effective way to protect your pool and keep it clean and safe for swimming.

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