Top Reasons For Owning An Automatic Pool Cover In Kelowna

Living in Kelowna, we are no strangers to oddly timed chilly weather, even in the summer. While we certainly are lucky for so many warm, sunny days, temperatures can quickly drop in the evenings. This can make it challenging to keep your pool water at a comfortable temperature for swimming.

This is where a pool cover comes in handy. By covering your pool when not in use, you can retain the heat from the sun, keeping your pool water warmer for longer. This means you won’t need to run your pool heater as often, saving you money on heating costs. Plus, since pool covers help retain heat, you can enjoy your pool even on cooler days.

A pool cover can be a great addition to your pool in Kelowna for many reasons. Here are some good points to consider.

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If you have children or pets, a pool cover is an essential safety feature. It prevents accidental falls into the pool and gives you peace of mind knowing your loved ones will be safe without direct supervision.

As mentioned above, a pool cover can keep your pool warm. It does this by preventing most of the evaporation that occurs when a pool is left in the open. Over 70% of heat and water is lost this way.

A pool cover is an excellent way to keep debris like leaves, twigs, and bugs out of your pool. This means less time spent cleaning and more time enjoying your pool. Plus, it helps keep your pool water crystal clear, seeing right to the bottom is a satisfying feeling.

Using a well-fitted automatic pool cover can make a huge difference. One study suggests that by using one, you can cut water loss as much as 95 percent.

Besides saving water, having a motorized pool cover over your pool means no sun exposure degrading the chlorine in your pool so you don’t need to replenish it as often. 

Kelowna is known for its fine weather but that doesn’t mean we don’t experience droughts. A pool cover helps reduce evaporation, so you won’t need to refill your pool as often, saving water in the long run. Along with reduced water use is cutting the use of chlorine and other chemicals to keep the water clean.

Traditional mesh and tie down pool covers require a lot of manual work to install and remove. This can be a hassle and deter you from using your pool. Investing in an automatic pool cover offers ultimate ease and convenience. With just the flip of a switch, the cover seals your pool and stores itself in less than a minute. This makes it more likely that you will use your pool regularly, maximizing your investment. By being easy to use, an automatic pool cover can help ensure you spend more time enjoying your pool. So why not invest in one and get the most out of your pool?

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