Hidden Pool Cover Mechanism In Kelowna


When installing an automatic pool cover for an existing pool, the motor and drive mechanisms are typically installed above ground. However, one client wanted to preserve his view and achieve a cleaner look by concealing the drive mechanism. To address this concern, we cut out an area in the ground and placed the motors inside. By doing so, we were able to not only create an uninterrupted view but also ensure that the track placement did not create an additional visual element. The motor mechanism is now completely hidden from view.

This solution not only addressed all of the customer’s concerns but also came in under budget and ahead of schedule. Now, his guests can walk on the deck right over the hidden motor cover.

If you want a similar installation for your inground pool or infinity edge pool, please reach out to us via the contact form below. You can even send us photos of your pool for a better evaluation of your needs. Our automatic and manual pool covers come in a wide variety of colours and provide worry-free safety, as well as save on heat, chemicals, and cleaning. By extending equipment life and reducing energy and chemical costs, our pool covers quickly pay for themselves. You can see savings of up to 70% on operating costs in Vancouver. Contact us today for a quote and pool cover consultation and start getting the most from your pool!

Proven Safety For Children & Pets
Less Pool Maintenance
Save Energy, Reduce Chemicals
Better Pool Experience
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