What You Need To Know Before Buying An Automatic Safety Pool Cover In Canada

Pool owners recognize the advantages of owning an auto pool cover beyond the safety aspects and have discovered these new pool covers can have cost advantages over the lifetime of a pool.

As and additional convenience automatic motorized pool covers will automatically open or close when the right conditions are met (such as covering the pool at a set time). These are best for people with busy schedules or who don’t want to worry about opening and closing their cover every day.

5 Benefits Of Owning Automatic Pool Covers

Safety is a serious consideration when you have children or pets around the house. There are several safeguards one can take to protect them, including pool covers, fences and alarms around a pool.

While there is no substitute for proper adult supervision, one of the best physical barriers you can put in place to boost safety is a sturdy automatic pool cover aka pool safety covers.

As automatic pool covers are strong and durable, they offer the highest degree of safety when it comes to keeping people—especially children and the elderly and pets from falling in.

Get peace of mind whenever your pool is open and in use, especially important if you have young children with access to your backyard or when they are near the pool for any period without an adult around with an automatic safety pool cover system.

The average pool covers can be a pain to use. They are usually heavy, hard to store, and can be unsightly when rolled up. Automatic pool covers use motors to automatically extend or retract with a push of a button and their mechanism can be hidden under an attractive pool bench, adding utility and improving aesthetics to your existing pool.

Automatic pool covers are an easy and convenient way to protect your pool from debris, leaves, and other unwanted items that could damage the surface of your pool or make it unsafe for swimming. They also reduce the need for manual cleaning of your pool cover because they can be cleaned automatically with a regular hose or by using a pressure washer.

It can a fair amount of gas or electricity to keep a water heater or pump working to keep pool water at a comfortable temperature especially as fall and winter sets in, even if you live in an area where it stays warmer longer.

However, an auto pool cover can help extend your backyard swimming season while also saving you money. Save yourself extra energy costs when it’s chilly outside. A good pool cover helps preserve more of the warmth generated by your heater.

Water evaporation is the single biggest cause of energy loss, and as noted above, a cover can significantly cut evaporation. Even in the summer, nightfall in certain geographic regions brings a dramatic dip in temperature; in these cases, covering a pool when the sun goes down can help cut energy costs by minimizing evaporation.

As a result, a cover can lower pool heating costs by up to 70 percent, and they may save as much as 50 percent on overall electricity costs.

An auto cover can help lower your electric bill in another way: As mentioned above, by keeping your pool cleaner, you will need to run your pool cleaner for less time—saving energy. And cleaner water means shorter filtration run times, so your pump won’t have to operate as many hours per day to circulate water through your filter.

With droughts and wildfires becoming more prevalent clean water is more valuable than ever and it’s always good to be environmentally conscious.

Automatic pool covers are a great way to prevent water loss from your pool. According to a U.S. Department of Energy study evaporation is responsible for up to 70 percent of water loss in pools and spas.

It’s not uncommon to see anywhere from one-quarter of an inch to one-half an inch of loss per day on your pool water line due to evaporation. Over the course of a week, that adds up to a significant 2 to 4 inches.

The pool cover material greatly reduces evaporation by blocking the heat that comes from direct sunlight on the water. It physically blocks wind that would otherwise hit the pool surface and produce water loss. Even if the air outside is very dry, a cover helps reduce the effects.

Using a well-fitted automatic pool cover can make a huge difference. One study suggests that by using one, you can cut water loss as much as 95 percent!

Since auto pool covers can be programmed to turn on automatically at specific times to keep sun exposure to a minimum, reducing chemical costs and making your filters and pumps work less, reducing wear and tear on your equipment.

Pool covers strong enough to stand on


What Are The Benefits Of A Motorized Pool Safety Cover?

Safety & Convenience

Installing an automatic pool cover system is a great way to keep your pool safe and free of debris. They are a hassle free way to keep your family and pets safe, requiring very little effort in keeping them out when you’re not around.

Keeps Heat In The Pool

Putting a cover on the pool means you keep more heat in the water. More heated water means a more comfortable swim.

Much Less Debris In the Pool

Your pool will also require less maintenance – less stuff will fall in, so you’ll have to clean it less; and filters and traps won’t need to be cleaned as often either.

Reduce Evaporation

You’d be surprised at how much water can be lost to evaporation when the cover is off the pool.

Maintain Chemical Balance

If a pool is not exposed to any solar radiation, the water will stay in balance for much longer than if it was. This results in less maintenance and means your pool water is always at its best.

Lower Your Energy Bills

Since you’ll be using less heating and filtering, you’ll be using less power too.

Extend the Life of Your Pool Equipment

With less work on your end, you should have less trouble with maintenance, repairs and equipment life.


Reduction In Water Evaporation
Savings Up to 90%
Reduction In Pool Heating Costs
Savings Up to 70%
Reduction In Power Costs
Savings Up to 50%
Reduction In Chemical Costs
Savings Up to 70%
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The latest innovation in pool covers are these sexy new slatted retractable hard cover pool covers. With its sleek and modern design, these pool cover not only provides top-notch protection for your pool, but also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your outdoor living space. Its sturdy and durable construction of polycarbonate ensures that your pool stays clean and well-maintained, while its easy-to-use mechanism makes it a convenient and hassle-free addition to your pool. Whether you’re looking for added safety, energy savings, or simply a more stylish pool cover, the new slat pool cover systems are the perfect choice for any discerning pool owner.

We have more and more customers asking for these automatic hard surface pool covers made of polycarbonate slats, especially in Vancouver and Kelowna.

The price of a quality safety pool cover will depend on the size of your swimming pool and the type of material that you want to use. The price range for an auto safety pool cover in Canada can vary widely based on your overall pool design and the customizations you choose.

There are 3 main features that affects the price of new safety pool covers.

  • Materials
  • Track Options
  • Pool Size and Shape

Additionally costs for a completely new build vs installing on an existing pool will differ. An automatic safety pool cover can start as low as $10,000 for a small, aftermarket cocktail pool install or a basic under track setup for an existing pool with the average for an existing pool being $14,000 to $15,000 . For a larger pool with more complex custom features, a safety cover can cost upwards of $20,000 with a typical new build being $17,000 to $20,000.
Note: This range is a rough estimate, exact pricing will vary depending on province and variables mentioned above.

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