Customers’ Automatic Pool Cover Colours In Kelowna

There’s A Pool Cover Colour To Perfectly Suit Your Environment

Gone are the days when a pool cover was just a functional piece of accident prevention. The new paradigm is that the Kelowna homeowner often wants the pool to be just as much an aesthetic element as the rest of the yard and look to the beautification potential of auto safety covers.

Kelowna pool cover owners now are looking for their covers to blend into the environment. They want them to look as ‘natural’ as their pools, matching their surroundings. BC winters after all can drag for months and that’s a long time to be staring at a cover that clashes with just about everything in the backyard.

Colour Coordinating For Pool Surroundings

Due to this desire for harmonious beauty, the pool industry has responded with a wide selection of colours to match discerning pool owners. Coverstar pool cover fabrics come in a dozen colours to choose from. 


This includes:

    • Navy

    • Royal

    • Light Blue

    • Green

    • Tan

    • Mocha

    • Brown

    • Gray

    • Charcoal

    • Black

Many pools these days are built with stone water features, and the new tan and gray safety cover material coordinates nicely with them especially since the cover comes right up next to the rock.

Matching the natural landscape around the property for outdoor pools is another consideration. Whether the pool owner is in Kelowna desert areas, where some dominant natural landscape color is brown or in greener areas has a strong effect on the designer’s palette.

Therefore the more colour options the better for the customer. No one wants to feel limited and the new designer colours look terrific to suit your particular taste.

We see that green coordinates well with many BC locations because we have green everywhere but tan and gray covers to match the flagstone used on the decks and around the pool area are also popular.

What About Fencing?

Pool owners often try to coordinate the cover with the fencing. Black fencing is very common in this area — black chain link, black powder-coated aluminum, etc. Black or charcoal also works on dark concrete decks for our customers, and the black safety cover goes very nicely with this type of deck. Homeowners are definitely more aware of colour coordinating all aspects of their backyard today than in the past.

Pool Colour Guided By Designers & Landscape Artists


Nowadays, pool cover choice is increasingly affected by the overall design specialist the pool owner has hired and come to us after they have paid and consulted a landscape architect. They already have a schematic of the pool that the architect produced and they know what they want to do with their backyard landscaping. Often the landscape architect has provided a colour scheme for the backyard, so out customers will want to consider a cover that will blend into that color scheme. The designers will have ideas on the tile colour, concrete and surrounding green landscaping elements.

They will make sure everything matches because oftentimes the pool is the focal point of the yard and it needs to look good year-round.

We often add our piece of practical advice to go with the artistic choices of the designers. We recommend colours that not only coordinate well but also suggest colours that hold up better to UV fading and hides dirt dirt and are generally appealing for most customers.

The Sexy New Slat Hard Surface Covers

This crisp installation matches the surrounding surfaces and adds an orderly charm to the backyard.

If you are looking for the latest in designer style with a clean modern look then consider our polycarbonate slatted pool covers. These covers provide a smooth and level surface that is cleaner looking than fabric covers. Due to their material and design even more Coverstar pool cover colour palette options are available for up to 17 colours! These slat covers offer the same safety protection and heat retention benefits of fabric but offer an aesthetic edge with occomadation for bolder designs.

Safety First Of Course

Lest we forget in all this discussion about beauty, automatic pool covers at their heart are really safety devices. The appeal to style is just a way to make this crucial safety item more attractive and make your pool area even more luxurious. It is extremely important to keep kids, grandkids and pets safe around the pool and that is still the first priority of a pool cover. However, in addition to safety, covers with unique colours that blend into the backyard landscape offers you something distinctive that make your pool stand out.

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