Are Automatic Pool Covers Energy Efficient?

Using an automatic pool cover can lead to significant savings on energy consumption and heating costs. This is because heat loss from a pool mainly occurs through evaporation. When the cover is closed, it helps to prevent evaporation and reduces the amount of heat lost, resulting in huge savings on water heating costs of up to 70%!

Many customers who have installed automatic pool covers have reported recovering their all costs in just five years, thanks to the energy efficiency provided by the covers. That’s why the number of pool cover installations is continuing to rise. The cost savings from an automatic pool cover are substantial and obvious when you crunch the numbers.

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It’s worth noting that evaporation is the primary source of heat loss in uncovered pools. Therefore, an automatic pool cover can greatly reduce the amount of energy required to keep your pool warm, resulting in significant savings on your energy bill and operating costs.


Reduction In Water Evaporation
Up to 0 %
Reduction In Power Costs
Up to 0 %
Reduction In Pool Heating Costs
Up to 0 %
Reduction In Chemical Costs
Up to 0 %

Additional Benefits Of Automatic Pool Covers Besides Energy Savings

Keeping your loved ones safe is important, especially when you have a pool in your backyard. One great way to do this is by installing an automatic pool cover.

Our Coverstar covers are strong and durable, making them a great barrier to keep kids, elderly, and pets away from the pool when it’s not in use. Not only will it give you peace of mind, but our safety pool covers an extra layer of protection when there’s no adult around to supervise. So, if you want to keep your pool safe and secure, consider getting an automatic pool cover.

Get peace of mind whenever your pool is open and in use, especially important if you have young children with access to your backyard or when they are near the pool for any period without an adult around.

An automatic pool cover is a great way to keep your pool clean and safe. The more the pool is covered, the less dirt and debris will get in the water, resulting in less time and effort needed for cleaning. With an automatic pool cover, you can also run your pool pump and filter less, saving energy and extending their lifespan. Additionally, automatic pool covers are durable and can even support 2 adults and a child at once, offering an extra layer of protection for children and pets. For added safety, choose a cover model with an on/off function that only works with a key.

Want to keep your pool water from evaporating? An automatic pool cover is the way to go! According to a study by the U.S. Department of Energy, evaporation can cause up to 70% of water loss in pools. An automatic pool cover can help reduce evaporation by blocking the heat from the sun and physically blocking wind that would otherwise hit the pool surface. Even if the air outside is dry, a cover can help reduce water loss. So, if you want to keep your pool water at the right level, consider one of our automatic pool covers.

Using a well-fitted automatic pool cover can make a huge difference. One study suggests that by using one, you can cut water loss as much as 95 percent.

Besides saving water, having a motorized pool cover over your pool means no sun exposure degrading the chlorine in your pool so you don’t need to replenish it as often. 

An automatic pool cover is the ultimate in convenience. Unlike traditional mesh and solid tie-down pool covers, automatic pool covers don’t require any manual labor to roll out and put on your pool, or to remove from your pool.

They don’t need to be tied or anchored down around your deck. With an automatic pool cover, you just flip a switch and watch as it seals your pool and when you are ready to use your pool, it conveniently puts itself away.

This ease of use ensures that you will use it regularly and spend more time enjoying your pool. Why not get the most out of your pool investment with an automatic pool cover? Use our quote form below and a local Kelowna pool cover installer will get back to you shortly!


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