All About Automatic Pool Cover Motors In BC

While covering a pool manually with a solar cover or tarp can be a hassle, automatic pool covers offer a convenient and efficient solution to this problem. An automatic pool cover can be opened and closed automatically with the press of a button or flip of a switch. The cover is typically made of durable material, such as multilayer vinyl fabric or the newer solid plastic slats, and is attached to a motorized mechanism that rolls the cover up and down over the pool.

One of the key components of an automatic pool cover is the motor that drives the mechanism. There are two main types of automatic pool cover motors: electric and hydraulic. Electric motors are powered by electricity and are typically easier to install and maintain, while hydraulic motors use hydraulic pressure to drive the mechanism and are better suited for larger or more complex covers.

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Understanding the different types of automatic pool cover motors and their respective benefits can help pool owners make an informed decision about which system to install for their pool. With the convenience and practicality of an automatic pool cover system, pool maintenance can become a breeze, allowing you to focus on enjoying your pool all summer long.

The Two Types Of Automatic Pool Cover Motors

Electric motors: These motors use electricity to power the motor, which in turn drives the mechanism that opens and closes the cover. Electric motors are typically easier to install and maintain than hydraulic motors, and they can be less expensive as well. They are often the preferred option for smaller pools or for pools that have less demanding cover requirements.

Hydraulic motors: These motors use hydraulic pressure to drive the mechanism that opens and closes the cover. They are typically more powerful than electric motors and are able to handle larger, more complex covers. Hydraulic motors can be more expensive and difficult to install, as they require a separate hydraulic pump and control system. They are often used for larger commercial pools or high-end residential pools that require more advanced cover systems.

Both types of motors have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice will depend on the specific needs of the pool owner. Some factors to consider when choosing a motor include the size and shape of the pool, the type of cover system being used, the level of automation desired, and the budget available for the installation and maintenance of the system.

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